How to Make Money with Our 2-Tier Opportunities  
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Instructions: How to set up your whole online business for just $5 
and start making $1,000's weekly part-time as a free affiliate...

Here's the straight and simple:

First, sign up FREE with these 2-tier programs:

Marketing Tips Affiliate Program  

Market Health Affiliate Program

At the bottom of each section describing the collection of products is the link to sign up FREE. 
It will take you about 1-min each to do this.

Check out the links to each product. 
Click on it and read the sales page that sells each product. 
What do they all have in common? They all are proven sellers! 
They've been tested so you wouldn't have to do this yourself. 
All YOU have to do is signup FREE, and then let each site's sales page do all the selling for you.

Next, after you receive YOUR ID you need to know the two (2) most important things about it:

  1. It will earn you big cash on every direct sale you make
  2. It will make you even far more money when people use it to sign up under you and where
    they start promoting it! Imagine an entire army of several 100's each selling perhaps at best
    just one thing a week – this would mean 100's of different commissions from as few as $10
    or so to as much as $120 each; altogether equaling $1,000's in your pocket .

Now here's the BEST way to start recruiting 100's of others to start selling for you:

Since each one is an online or Internet business opportunity or affiliate program

I entered...
"Online Business Opportunities"
"Internet Business Opportunities"
"Internet Affiliate Program"
... as "keywords" into the AdWord Equalizer or Google Keyword Tool

From these other "related" keywords you can compile a much LARGER list of "keywords" to bid on at Google.

You simply go to Google AdWords and set up your account for just $5 dollars! (No kidding!)

Read inside here below to find out more!

You have below the very BEST keywords listing!


This keyword listing of 90 select keywords has been tested and proven (unlike others) to be the choicest, and with these particular online moneymaking programs! In addition to providing you the very best keywords with which to promote these 3 super programs, I reveal to you the bid prices for each particular keyword (or keyword phrase) that will allow you FRONT PAGE PLACEMENT at Google™.

You of course can bid any price you want, but for maximum front page placement you should bid likewise as shown below. (Found under the column headed "Max. CPC.")

business exciting in internet making money ** 0.4
free online money making opportunity
get making money online started
internet auction making money ** 0.6
internet making money randomizer ** 0.4
internet making money scams ** 0.4
internet money making idea ** 0.4
internet secret to making money ** 0.5
job making money on the internet ** 0.6
legitimate online money making
making easy money online
making free money online
making money from the internet ** 0.4
making money off the internet ** 0.4
making money on the internet ** 0.8
making money on the internet for free
making money online ** 0.9
making money online business opportunity ** 0.95
making money online survey
making money over the internet ** 0.4
making money through the internet ** 0.4
making money using the internet ** 0.4
making money with online auction
money making idea online
money making internet business
money making internet business tool ** 0.5
money making job online
money making online casino ** 0.8
money making opportunity on the internet ** 0.9
money making opportunity online ** 0.95
online money making business ** 0.95
secret of making money online ** 0.95
teen making money online ** 0.9
"free how to get rich" ** 0.3
"free internet business" ** 0.6
"free internet businesses" ** 0.9
"free money making opportunities" ** 0.9
"free money making opportunity" ** 0.3
"free money-making opportunities" ** 0.9
"free money-making opportunity" ** 0.5
"free moneymaking opportunities" ** 0.5
"free moneymaking opportunity" ** 0.5
"free online business" ** 0.6
"free online businesses" ** 0.6
"get rich from the internet" ** 0.05
"get rich online" ** 0.6

"how to get rich" ** 0.3
"how to get rich from the internet" ** 0.3
"how to get rich from the net" ** 0.3
"how to get rich on the internet" ** 0.3
"how to get rich online" ** 0.3
"how to make money on the internet" ** 0.8
"how to make money online" ** 0.9
"how to profit online" ** 0.05
"how to start an internet business" ** 0.9
"how to start an online business" ** 0.7
"how to start making money online" ** 0.9
[affiliate program] ** 1.0
[affiliate programs] ** 1.0
[business opportunities] ** 1.0
[click bank] ** 0.6
[clickbank] ** 0.6
[corey rudl] ** 0.7
[cory rudl] ** 0.6
[free affiliate program] ** 0.8
[free affiliate programs] ** 0.8
[internet business] ** 0.9
[internet business opportunities] ** 0.8
[internet businesses] ** 0.7
[internet marketing] ** 1.0
[internet marketing center] ** 0.8
[internet money] ** 0.3
[internet opportunities] ** 0.3
[internet selling opportunities] ** 0.6
[internet selling opportunity] ** 0.3
[internet wealth] ** 0.3
[make money on the internet] ** 1.0
[make money on the net] ** 1.0
[make money online] ** 0.8
[make money with clickbank] ** 0.8
[money making opportunities] ** 0.5
[money-making opportunities] ** 0.4
[moneymaking opportunities] ** 0.4
[net money] ** 0.3
[net opportunities] ** 0.3
[online business opportunities] ** 0.6
[online money] ** 0.3
[online profits] ** 0.3
[online selling opportunities] ** 0.7
[online selling opportunity] ** 0.45
[profit online] ** 0.3
[terry dean] ** 0.6

Here are ads I use for each FREE Affiliate signup opportunity (this is ONLY for getting others to signup UNDER YOU!)...

Click on the ads to see where it takes you!

Free 30 Income Stream Biz
Everything You Need In Place Now.
Takes Just 15 Min To Start Free!

Your ads should take people to the same web pages as those above!
(But through YOUR 2-tier affiliate link instead)

NOTE! You must always include the name of the site in your viewable URL (that's the link seen in your ad); 
but your destination URL is your full link each program gives you when you sign up FREE, and is concealed from people's view. 

Now, I must point out to you that you are NOT actually selling anything from any of these ads. 
Instead, you're merely trying to recruit as many people as you can to sell for you! 
The thing is, to run your ad at Google (although starting for just $5 bucks) can cost you up to $50 daily or more!

But here's the BEST part:

I tested EACH ad above and for each of the three (3) free affiliate programs, and do you know what happened...?

Answer: I got from anywhere from as few as 30 clicks to as many as 220 clicks a day! 
AND! – about 20% of everyone of these "clicks" went on to complete the form and signup UNDER me
BUT EVEN BETTER! – out of all these clicks at least one or two of them resulted in a sale! 
(And which allowed me to fully RECOVER what it cost me daily at Google!)

It's a "win-win" situation!

Although it costs me sometimes above $50 a day to keep my ads going at Google, 
I always seem to make back at least that much. For instance, Corey Rudl's "Internet Marketing Training Course" 
will earn you $65 direct commission when someone buys through your link. 
(They are automatically "cookied" to you even if they start navigating around to all his different sites 
because they first made contact with his company through YOUR LINK!)

This means that even if you sell just 1 course, you make $15 profit ($65 - $50 per day ad cost); and which keeps your ads going!

Then, over days to several weeks, you begin accumulating dozens, even hundreds, and after a few months, thousands of affiliates UNDER YOU!

They start selling, and even though you never make out really super-BIG with direct sells, you make incredible amounts of money from 2nd-tier sales and residually on and on, without end!

Example: You get 100 people who start becoming regularly "active" as affiliates selling Corey's IMC Internet Marketing Training Course where YOU earn $20 dollars every time they do. Each affiliate sells just two (2) courses a week and earns for themselves $65 x 2 sales = $130 weekly. You however, make 100 x 2 sales each x $20 per each sale = $4,000 a week!


I'm sharing with you the very BEST way I know (and have actually done no less!) for building a really huge income.

You are at little if any risk as you make enough to keep your ads "alive" at Google. As they continue to run daily, you just accumulate more and more affiliates; many of which will go on to sell for you full-time and EXPLODE their respective businesses – which means they AUTOMATICALLY "EXPLODE" YOURS TOO!

Bidding Keywords at Google:

I set my default at 30˘ per "keyword." This means that no matter what, you will NEVER have to pay more than 30˘ a "click."

Your ads will appear usually within minutes at Google.

When they do, you will see where they are; either at the FRONT page (the very best showing for your ads!), or somewhere later down the line.

On some keywords, 30˘ is enough to get you FRONT PAGE placement. For others it won't even get you on the 20th page (these keywords are obviously in big demand and will require a much larger bid to get your ads see on the FRONT page).

Also, you should set your "daily budget" to at least several hundred dollars (not that you really are going to have to pay that much). Google's software algorithms consider this and many other things as a variable when positioning your ads in the most favorable placement.

Another thing that has always delighted me about Google is that the more people who click on your ad, the higher in page rank and page placement your ad goes! Plus, your cost-per-click actually goes down! If people naturally prefer YOUR AD over the others, Google will automatically adjust where your ad appears. (And this means that you may bid LESS yet have an ad that is higher than someone who bids a lot more than you!)

How to enter your keywords properly so they NEVER get "disabled!"

Here's a big "boo-boo" I made when I just started out:

I entered the keyword "advertising" directly into Google's AdWords thinking no big deal, right? WRONG! This meant that whenever someone entered ANYTHING (any word or phrase!) into Google's search engine that included the word "advertising," MY AD would be seen!

So if someone was looking for:

jobs in advertising

history of advertising

the biggest rip-offs in advertising history ad would appear!

And that wasn't good.

Google calls every time your ad appears an "impression." When I did it this way, I noticed that in a single day my ad made over 700,000 impressions. Yet it got "clicked" to 150 times (which is just 2-hundredths of 1%).

Google requires that in order for your ad to remain "active" and not get disabled that you have a "click-through rate" (CTR) no less than 0.5% (or ˝ of 1%).

What did I do?

Nothing at first, and of course my ad got disabled. In fact, I didn't bother to figure out what the problem was, until finally I talked to Google over the phone. Their AdWords Specialist told me what to do, and it was so simple!

All I had to do was put restrictions on how my keywords were entered.

For instance, by placing brackets [ ] around the word "advertising," instead of it appearing in the more general phrases above, someone would have to type in just the word "advertising" for MY ad to come up (an impression).

Quotes " " make your keywords restricted to the degree that someone has to include that keyword or phrase in whatever they type in at Google, and in that particular order.

A minus sign (-) in front of a keyword makes it a negative keyword. So that if someone types it in, your ad will NOT appear.

My FREE tip:

One and two word keywords, such as "free ads," "advertise," "business opportunities," etc., should almost always have brackets [ ] around them when entered as keywords.

Phrases of three (3) words or more, such as "how to get free advertising," " how to post free ads," etc., should have quotes " " around them almost always.

Only words that you definitely identify that seem related to what you are selling, but that actually aren't, should always have a minus sign put in front of them (-).

If you'd like professional assistance just to be on the safe side...

All this may seem bigger than it actually is. I think Google is very easy to work with now, but at first it seemed like my IQ was less than "2." I got so aggravated and threw away some good money NOT knowing what I was doing.

Final word...

It's important that you take the steps necessary to build a brighter and better future for yourself. I did it. But it wasn't always that great for me. I remember struggling just from one day to the next, thinking there would be no end to this madness.

Then I did what it took to lift myself up out of that situation and have since gone on to do some amazing things.

One person I met said to me (in front of a friend) "Your life sounds like such an adventure ... I don't believe you actually have done all the things you claim ..." I understood exactly how she must have perceived what I had told her.

My friend told me later that he also knew how she could feel that way, and added that had he NOT known me personally and been a big part of my "adventures," he'd probably have said exactly the same thing.

The point is: MY LIFE is the way I want it now, and all because I took the simple steps to make it that way.

You can do it too...

You just need to pick a plan and follow through with it.

It's not hard -- I promise.

Just look over everything above one more time, then get started. That's the first step (although perhaps the biggest one of all!) to getting to where you want to be!

All the best...
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